Aperitif in the Cellar

In an exclusive location, nestled in the heart of the Bologna hills, every Friday night, from 7 pm to 10 pm, until the 13th September, you will enjoy a family atmosphere surrounded by a breathtaking views, wine tasting and a rich buffet with tigelle, crescentine, cold cuts and unique of food and wine, prepared with natural products and biological agents from the Oro di Diamanti’s farm.
From Friday 31st May in Zola Predosa, Via Valle 11/A.
For information: +39 3497884750 -

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Aperitivo in Cantina

Organic Olive Oil Tasting Evening in Bologna hills

10 Novembre 2018

Cantine Aperte May 26th and 27th

During the event Cantine Aperte on May 26th and 27th at the Diamanti's cellar, Via Valle 11/A, Zola Predosa, open all day, wine tasting and buffet with crescentine, tigelle, organic cold cuts and cheese. 3 tastings from buffet at 10€

Cantine Aperte